Artist Support

For a number of years I have worked as an Artist Support Associate, both for Theatre Bristol and in a freelance capacity. As a freelance artist who has had a varied and successful career in the performing arts I can give first hand advice to artists who are in need of creative support and practical help. If it’s your first ACE application, or you feel lost and overwhelmed with a project, or you’re undergoing a step change in your career, then I can help. I know that without support a lot of artists wouldn’t have the tools to survive in this often challenging industry. I believe that a space to be vulnerable and ask questions is vital to a healthy performing arts ecology.

I offer a range of support with:

  • ACE project grants
  • DYCP grants
  • Personal practice and organisational thinking
  • Alternative funding avenues to ACE
  • Creation of Access Riders

I offer a sliding-scale hourly rate for this work depending on your income / funding outcomes. We will meet online.

My fees range from £20 an hour for unemployed artists, £35 an hour for freelance artists, £50 an hour if attached to a funded project or organisation.

Please note, this work is not dramaturgy – it is not the same as rehearsal based outside eye / dramaturgy work. Think of it more as coaching.

‘As a migrant artist, I had never made a show of my own in the UK or faced its funding structure before. I went to Caroline for advice and she was so clear, helpful and generous. I felt safe knowing she spoke from experience too. Thanks to Caroline I was able to move my career forward. by securing my first Arts Council grant to make and tour my show. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.’ – Ania Varez, dance artist and movement director.

‘My hour long session with Caroline was inspiring, energising and truly confidence boosting. She had thought about my needs in advance of our meeting and was generous with her questions and suggestions for my work’ – Kamina Walton, artist, creative leadership coach and founder of Rising Arts Agency.

Get in touch at to tell me about what help you need and to book a session.