Puffball – Battersea Arts Centre and The Yard Theatre


Puffball is a piece of autobiographical performance exploring recovery, post-traumatic stress disorder and the pit falls of anthropomorphism. The piece is performed with projected illustration and live music.

“Strange, detailed and deeply personal, it speaks straight to the heart of our fragile, fearful souls. Tiny and epic, contemporary and timeless. I love this piece.”
Emma Rice

“I want to say now that it is a performance — looking back — I increasingly value as particularly rare. I look back on it as one of the most insightful encounters I have had in a theatre.’
Theatre Voices

‘Every picture-book-gorgeous thing Caroline Williams does as illustrator is subverted by every dark, challenging, surreal thing Williams does as writer and performer.’
Maddy Costa, The Guardian

Performed, illustrated and written by Caroline Williams
Live Music and composition by Ed Dowie
Costume Design by Oliver Cronk
Set Design by Ruth Shepherd
Original collaborator Christopher Brett Bailey

Performed at The Yard Theatre and The Battersea Arts Centre