• The Stillness Shall Be the Dancing

      It’s the 20th of February 2021 and I just tried to walk around the block. I made it one side of the square, perhaps two, if you count the slow head-bowed retreat to our front door.   After eleven months of illness, you’d hope that the invisible line that stops you being able to live the life you once


    I’ve been on a few zoom chats where I’ve heard a quiver of fear from theatre makers scared of what the pandemic means for their work. This post is for you. What do the restrictions mean for thinking about your work differently? How can this unusual set of circumstances be turned into opportunities for exciting new projects and collaborations? How

  • Leverhulme Reading List

    I asked fifteen performance makers (and two sculptors) I admire to suggest one book about being this thing called an artist. I am taking their recommendation into my year of Leverhulme endorsed reading and thinking time. There are so many good books in the world that choosing one was tough for most people, so here’s a wonderfully long list for

  • When For Britain marches outside your show which is on at a Quaker’s Meeting House  

        The producer of Jabberwocky Market, Caroline Pearce has organised for DAR, Darlington Assistance for Refugees, to be at the end of every showing of Now Is The Time To Say Nothing, offering tea, cakes and a chat about how to help with local refugee support in the area. It is almost the perfect blueprint for how I wanted

  • IETM Munich

    IETM Munich 2018 The main provocation of this meeting was: Res Publica Europa. In IETM’s words: ‘IETM Munich will take a fresh look at the idea of Europe. Is it a cultural entity? A geographical one?  What does the EU’s motto “United in Diversity” mean today, in the age of agendas driven by economics and eurosceptic tendencies? Is it a

Caroline Mary Williams