• Drax

    In June 2008 twenty nine people stopped a coal train heading for Drax Power station. In 2009 all involved were found guilty of obstructing a railway after being disallowed to run a necessity defence which argued the burning of coal contributed to irreversible and fatal changes in our climate. In 2014 the convictions were overturned after a senior judge ruled

  • Now Is The Time To Say Nothing @ The Young Vic

    Interview with Verity Healey of Ministry of Counterculture  – What drew you to making a piece about Syria’s civil war and its people, for Taking Part? – Simple answer is that I was asked to. I was nervous about saying yes as I don’t speak Arabic and I have never been to Syria.I spoke to a wonderful Egyptian friend who

  • Ten things I remember from a trip to Paris

    Ten things I remember about Paris (whilst still in Paris in the cafe of the Pompidou) where they won’t take card for under fifteen euros; I am not buying anything. 1. Le Corbusier did not build the Pompidou. 2. My French is bad and so the way to remember the famous grave yard in Paris is to think of a

  • Review of Puffball Goes Solo in Exeunt Magazine

    Puffball at The Yard Theatre 24th-28th September 2013 Reviewed by Catherine Love Caroline Williams is inundated with owl paraphernalia. Bags, cushions, figurines stuffed with stale potpourri. Owl faces peer out from all corners of the stage, eyes wide and unblinking, feathers a variety of colours. All that’s missing is a link to a YouTube video and the hashtag “cute”. But