Now Is the Time to Say Nothing

Now Is the Time to Say Nothing

Now Is the Time to Say Nothing is a large scale instruction-based video and sound installation made in collaboration with Young Vic’s Taking Part and Syrian film-maker Reem Karssli.

Beyond the media’s portrayal of Syria, one women’s camera is able to tell a different story. A story is written in which the audience are the protagonist. In this story of attempted connection across screens and continents, we discover together what happens when war gets in the way.

Now Is the Time to Say Nothing is available for touring.

“Exquisitely simple and moving. This is a cunningly constructed and heartfelt piece that acknowledges the complexities of what is happening in Syria, reminds how sitting in the dark watching a screen only distances us, and actively tries to bring us together to reach out to the real people, just like us, whose lives are blighted by war.”
— Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Now Is the Time to Say Nothing is an act of originality against our bloated commercial entertainment cinema and dissipated news channels, even as it combines surprising immersive theatrical elements to combat the disconnection caused by it.”
— Verity Healey, Ministry of Counterculture

Director: Caroline Williams
Film by Reem Karssli
Video Artist: May Abdalla
Sound Design: Keir Vine
Produced by Young Vic’s Taking Part.