***Call out to all Covid long-haulers and their advocates, protectors and cheerleaders ***

The Covid long haulers quilt is looking AMAZING with squares from Sweden, UK, USA and Australia! It will continue to be open for squares until the end of 2021.

**those of you still to send squares please do! All info you need here.**

During this time I’ve been reading a wonderful book called ‘Threads of Life: a history of the world through the eye of a needle’ by Clare Hunter.
Our quilt is part of a rich history of embroidered works that tell tales of protection and resilience in hard times. One part resonated about the historic use of pom-poms as a form of protection (often on soldiers’ and childrens’ hats) and it gave me the idea that our quilt needs to have a fringe of protector pom-poms!

These can be made by long-haulers or advocates, protectors and cheerleaders of long-haulers.

COLOUR: I’d like them to be in any single colour of the rainbow.
HOW TO MAKE AND SIZE: Follow this video for medium sized pom-poms. Made with a medium sized glass and a 2 pence piece.
SEND TO: 1 Gratitude Road, Bristol, BS5 6EH

“My children have come home from school very excited. They have been making pom-poms. They bring out from their schoolbags soft, round fluffy balls, and tell me how they had to take a circle of cardboard, make a hole in its middle and wind wool round and round the card until the hole disappeared. Then they cut the outer edges of the circle and tied a ribbon tight around its centre. When the card was torn away they found they had transformed a flat piece of card into a dancing ball. They had made a pom-pom. I told them that they had also made magic. For pom-poms are ancient talisman, made to distract evil spirits away from children by the jig-jigging of its coloured sphere. That is why, even today, children’s hats are often decorated with pom-poms, although most of us are unaware of their origin as deflectors evil, as a magical means of protection. ”


Thank you and much health and love